Kiosk Seo

Making-of video of 1:25 scale 'The Attic' Kiosk model

'The Attic' by architects PDP London, was a competition bid for the city of Chicago. Below is a video of how we constructed a...

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Styrene Box 3

A quick guide to molding & casting

The first thing to do is to get the master to the finish you want. The cast will only ever be as good as the master. Take time to...

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Detailed Model 3

Mies van der Rohe + James Sterling exhibition: Circling the Square

Last week, we had the chance to visit the Mies Van Der Rohe + James Sterling: Circling the Square exhibition which is held at...

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Main Laser Clean

Cleaning and maintaining your laser cutter

We take pride in our tools and machines here at TaylorMade Model Makers and that means making sure they are cleaned and maintained...

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Leonardo Da Vinci

'Leonardo Da Vinci: The Mechanics of a Genius' exhibition

Last year we got to visit the 'Leonardo Da Vinci The mechanics of a genius' exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

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3D Printing Main

A basic introduction to 3d printing for Architectural model making

3d printing is a form of digital fabrication. It is a form of additive manufacturing which means that it builds solid objects...

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Croydon Regen Main

The regeneration of a London borough - Croydon

Having been a resident of Croydon for several years now, it is clear that the area is in much need of change. There seems to be a...

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Main Alumni

AUB Modelmaking Alumni feature - Tom Taylor

Director Tom Taylor was recently featured on the Arts University Bournemouth Alumni website. He graduated from the Modelmaking...

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Paperholm Main

Paperholm - A growing paper city, by Charles Young

In August 2014, Charles Young began creating paperholm, a collection of buildings, which he created, photographed and uploaded to...

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Books Main

Useful books for architectural model makers

A selection of useful books for architectural model making, ranging from model construction and techniques, to use of...

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New Blades 16

New Blades 2016 by 4d Modelshop

New Blades is an annual event in London which showcases talented model making graduates from around the country, to Industry...

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Essential toolkit for architectural model makers

Here is a list of essential tools that every architectural model maker should have in their toolkit.  Just remember:...

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