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New Blades

New Blades is an annual event in London which showcases talented model making graduates from around the country, to Industry experts and the public. Now in it’s 24th year, students from The Arts University of Bournemouth, University of Hertfordshire, University of Bolton, City of Glasgow, University for the Creative Arts and Dun Laoghaire of Art, Design & technology, showcase all their hard work from their final year of studying.

New Blades Overview

Makers from left to right: Oliver Misick, Hannah Treharne, Ece Tan (Photography by Tom Taylor)

The show is organised by 4D Modelshop and is sponsored by a number of big names in the model making Industry: Foster + Partners, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Pinewood Creative.

In previous New Blades exhibitions, architectural models seemed rare, but the 2016 exhibition saw plenty on display. Below are a selected few:

Ece Tan

Maker, Ece Tan (Photography by Tom Taylor)

Sophie Perkins

Maker, Sophie Perkins (Photography by Tom Taylor)

Catherine Pryor

Maker, Catherine Pryor (Photography by Tom Taylor)

Ben Goss

Maker, Ben Goss (Photography by Tom Taylor)

Alex Robinson

Maker, Alex Robinson (Photography by Tom Taylor)

One student in particular that impressed us, was David Lund. He produced two impressive architectural models below.

Lightform, a 1:2000 scale interactive model of Canary Wharfs 2020 masterplan, explores the use of digital technology in order to tell a story. The model was made from 260 sandblasted perspex blocks which were lit and animated underneath with an LED screen. David created 6 HD animations using 3ds Max, After Effects and Photoshop with an augmented reality overlay mode which could all be controlled through a touch screen interface.

David Lund Lightform

Maker, David Lund - Lightform (Photography by Tom Taylor)

Lever House is a 1:300 scale model made from perspex, walnut veneer and stainless steel etchings. The model is lit through its central core. It was made to celebrate one of  the first architectural models to gain a permanent place in an art museum (MOMA New York).

David Lund Leverhouse

Maker, David Lund - Lever House (Photography by Tom Taylor)

With some very impressive work on display, there are a number of awards given out to the best work, voted for by Industry experts. The list of awards and winners for this years show are below:

'Best of Show' sponsored by Fox Silver & 4D modelshop, awarded to Alex Robinson.

'Best of Show runner up' sponsored by Fox Silver & 4D modelshop, awarded to joint winners Ece Tan and Oliver Misick.

'Best SFX Model or Prop' Sponsored by Artem, awarded to Pavel Viatkin

'Best Architectural Model' Sponsored by Foster + Partners, awarded to Karla Thomas

'Asylum Creative Prize' sponsored by Asylum Models & Effects, awarded to Max Chases

'Best Use of Creative Materials' Sponsored by 4D modelshop, awarded to Niamh Lennon

'The Twins FX Wow Factor' Sponsored by The Twins FX, awarded to Nicola Zeidler McMahon.

‘Best Use of New Technology’ Sponsored by Propshop, awarded to Iain Mackenzie

'Best Lateral Thinking' Sponsored by Machineshop, awarded to Pavel Viatkin

'Pinewood Creative Prize' Sponsored by Pinewood Creative, awarded to Kyle McGarrick

'Dyson Precision Award' Sponsored by Dyson, awarded to Alex Robinson

For more information about New Blades, please click here.

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June 25, 2016



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