Useful books for architectural model makers

A selection of useful books for architectural model making, ranging from model construction and techniques, to use of materials.

Books 1

1. Nick Dunn, 2. Modelmaking for architects by Mark Driscoll, 3. Model Building by Roark T. Congdon

1. Architectural model making by Nick Dunn

Nick Dunn is a professor of Urban Design at ImaginationLancaster at the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University. He is well known amongst the model making industry. I found his book extremely helpful while I was studying. It focuses on different types of models and how they are used, with a brief history of architectural model making.

This book is available from 4d modelshop here

2. Modelmaking for Architects by Mark Driscoll

Available from 4d modelshop here

3. Architectural Model Building by Roark T. Congdon

This book can be purchased here

Books 2

4. An Architectural model by Will Strange, 5. Architectural Models by Ansgar Oswald, 6. Construction and Design Manual

4. An Architectural model by Will Strange

Will Strange is a lecturer at the Arts university in Bournemouth, where he teaches architectural model making. His book focuses on basic construction techniques for making models.

From the book’s introduction:

“Many books are available that describe the use of scale models in ‘getting to’ the design of buildings and structures. Many offer insight into the history, meaning and importance of the act of modelmaking. It is the aim of this book to do neither of those and instead to offer a description of the techniques employed by professional modelmakers in the making of a great many commercial models that are commissioned regularly.”

This book can be bought here or here

5. Architectural Models by Ansgar Oswald

Available here

6. Construction and Design Manual: Architectural Models by Pyo Mi Young

Available to purchase here

Books 3

7. Conceive, Create and Convince, 8. Architectural Supermodels, 9. Construction Techniques by Wolfgang Knoll

7. Model Making: Conceive, Create and Convince by Arjan Karssen & Bernard Otte

Arjan and Bernard offer a step-by-step guide in creating architectural models through their own experience in education and professional practice. The book covers three areas of focus: research, communication and presentation models.

Available here

8. Architectural Supermodels: Physical Design Simulation by Tom Porter

Available to buy here

9. Architectural Models: Construction Techniques by Wolfgang Knoll  & Martin Hechinger

This book can be purchased here

Books 4

10. Modelmaking by Megan Werner​, 11. Modeling Messages: The Architect and the Model by Karen Moon

10. Modelmaking by Megan Werner

This book explores many different materials and can be purchased here.

11. Modeling Messages: The Architect and the Model by Karen Moon

Available to buy here

Lego Compilation

12. Beautiful Lego, 13. Lego Architecture: The visual guide, 14. Origami Architecture

12. Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle

13. Lego Architecture: The visual guide by Philip Wilkinson

14. Origami Architecture: Papercraft Models of the World's Most Famous Buildings by Yee

Wood Compilation

15. Woodwork, 16. Understanding Wood, 17. Complete Guide to Joint-Making, 18. Wood identification

15. Woodwork: A Step-by-step Photographic Guide by Colin Eden-Eadon

16. Understanding Wood: A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology by R.Bruce Hoadley

17. Complete Guide to Joint-Making by John Bullar

18. Wood Identification & Use by Terry Porter

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September 09, 2016


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