We make quality architectural models in a way that is unique and bespoke to your requirements. Our aim is to create architectural models that fulfil a particular purpose; whether it is a sketch model for part of your design process, or a fully detailed marketing model to help sell your scheme.

Below is a list of the type of models and services we can offer you. Please get in touch to start a project with us.

Marketing models

Our marketing models are used to help sell your property or development scheme. They often taken pride of place within a marketing suite or office.

Often constructed at 1:150 scale, they are rich in detail and include realistic finishes. Detail such as brick engraved patterns, glazing, mullions, and balustrades are most commonly shown. Brick and stonework are colour matched to your specification to achieve a realistic representation of your scheme.

Marketing models can typically take on average, 8-12 weeks to construct depending on the brief.

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Masterplan models

Masterplan models offer a particular scheme in a much wider context and are useful for public consultations. We can help you present your scheme in a way that will allow non-architects to grasp immediately understanding of the overall scheme by seeing how it sits in context to its surroundings.

Typically, masterplan models are constructed in block massing form from natural timber, frosted/clear acrylic blocks or white massing blocks. The scheme can include window fenestration, or have a different finish to differentiate between itself and the context.

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A competition model can have a huge impact on a bid. Stand out from other competitors and engage your client with an eye-catching model, to help you to win that lucrative project.

These type of models are often conceptual, with key elements highlighted in some way. This could be through lighting, abstract finishes, unusual materials or a combination.

Our experience and attention to detail play a huge part when constructing competition models, as they often having a fast turnaround.

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Design development

Design development models are often an evolution of an original sketch model. Whether they are completely new options to consider or a maturation of an existing design, they prove useful to iron out design flaws and explore other key aspects.

A baseboard and inclusion of immediate context buildings will allow various iterations of your scheme to be swapped in/out, which will often help with the design process.

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Sketch models

Sketch models are a cost effective way of seeing your initial concept in its physical form. They can help design and develop an idea and are useful throughout the whole design process.

A simplistic massing form with no detail is common, however they can also reflect a particular design element in its basic form.

Sketch models are quick to construct and a turnaround of 1-2 days can be expected, depending on the scope of work. They are often constructed from materials such as foam and card.

Several iterations can be commissioned which allows exploration at the initial design stage and discussion within your design charrettes.

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Facade models allow focus on a particular elevation of a building without being drawn to the whole scheme.

Facade models work well at a larger scale, for example 1:50, and will include detail such as brick and stone engraved patterns, railings, window reveals, fascias, soffits, mullions & window frames.

A two tonal veneer or a monochrome white finish work well as this allows the study of form.

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Interior/ Sectional

Interior and sectional models allow the user to explore the internal space and layout of a building.

We are able to suggest the most logical place to section a model depending on the purpose. This could be a slice horizontally, vertically or even diagonally through a building depending on the message you want to portray.

Interior and sectional models are typically used for showing apartment interiors, public realm spaces, offices, shopping centres and kiosks, and underground spaces.

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