The regeneration of a London borough - Croydon

Having been a resident of Croydon for several years now, it is clear that the area is in much need of change.

There seems to be a stigma attached to living in Croydon, but hopefully with the £1 billion regeneration project, we will see a shift in people's perception of the town. There are several architectural developments either in construction or completion that will hopefully spark life into the London suburb.

One Croydon

One Croydon. Photography by Tom Taylor.

Above, One Croydon designed by Richard Seifert & Partners in 1970, is a well known skyscraper next to East Croydon train station. A number of new developments are set to join it.



Luxury apartments, view from Cherry Orchard road. Photography by Tom Taylor.


Luxury apartments, view from East Croydon train station. Photography by Tom Taylor

Morello is responsible for bringing 1,2 and 3 bed luxury apartments to Croydon. Situated on Cherry Orchard Road, they are ideally situated next to East Croydon Station.

Construction Photos

Construction photos. Photography by Tom Taylor.

Although still in the construction phase, the view is certainly more appealing passing by on the way to town and the station.


Luxury apartments. Photography by Tom Taylor.


Luxury apartments. Photography by Tom Taylor.


The recent opening of Boxpark, has been a popular addition to the area and has added a ‘buzz’ within the community. The pop up mall on George Street opened in October 2016 and houses a selection of street food stalls including: The Breakfast Club, Chillbox, The Cronx brewery, Meatliquor, Poptata and Yumn.


Boxpark entrance. Photography by Tom Taylor.


Inside Boxpark. Photography by Tom Taylor.

Boxpark is also a hub for socials and events such as the NME free event, Eskimo dance and upcoming Christmas movie night.

For more information about Boxpark Croydon click here.

Fairfield Halls

Old Fairfield

Fairfield Halls

New Fairfield

The proposed Fairfield Halls

Fairfield Halls is now currently under a £30 million development and is closed to the public for 2 years while it is being refurbished.

Image source: Croydon Advertiser. For more information please click here.

Westfield Shopping Centre

The biggest development of the Croydon regeneration programme will be transforming the Centrale and Whitgift shopping centres. Croydon Partnership (Westfield and Hammerson) aim to bring 5000 new jobs to the town.


Whitgift shopping centre. Photo by Stacey Harris


Proposed shopping centre.

Construction is set to begin in 2017 and finish in 2021.

More information can be found on the Croydon partnership website here.

Hopefully with the £1 billion regeneration project, people will see that Croydon is an upcoming suburb and will be a more desirable place to live and work.

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December 15, 2016



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